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The EUROCARE-4 database on cancer survival in Europe
The cancer survival gap between elderly and middle-aged patients in Europe is widening.
The advantage of women in cancer survival: an analysis of EUROCARE-4 data.
Pattern of cancer risk in persons with AIDS in Italy in the HAART era.
Long-term survival expectations of cancer patients in Europe in 2000-2002.
Incidence of multiple primary cancer in women diagnosed with breast cancer.
Frequency of sister chromatid exchanges and micronuclei
EUROCARE-4. Survival of cancer patients diagnosed in 1995-1999. Results and commentary.
Comparative cancer survival information in Europe.
The cure of cancer: a European perspective.
Survival trends in European cancer patients diagnosi from 1998 to 1999.
Survival of European Children and young adults with cancer diagnosed 1995-2002.
Multiple tumours in survival estimates.
A useful ultrasound score to select thyroid nodules requiring FNA in an iodine deficient area.