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Survival of 86,690 patients with thyroid cancer: A population-based study in 29 European countries from EUROCARE-5.
Seasonality of birth for skin melanoma deserves further investigation.
PLAC1 immunization does not induce infertility in mice.
P3.02c-068 Immunotherapy against Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): Looking for Predictive Factors to Avoid an Untargeted Shooting
La sopravvivenza dei pazienti oncologici in Italia.
International incidence of childhood cancer, 2001-10: a population-based registry study.
Human monocyte-derived dendritic cells exposed to hyperthermia show a distinct gene expression profile and selective upregulation of IGFBP6.
Geographical variability in survival of European children with central nervous system tumours.
Delphi consensus on the monitoring tools of main individual risk factors for chronic diseases by the company doctor.
Changing the smoking habit: prevalence, knowledge and attitudes among Umbrian hospital healthcare professionals.
Burden and centralised treatment in Europe of rare tumours: results of RARECAREnet-a population-based study.